Tuesday, July 11, 2006

syd barrett has died. its not a surprsie and he's been poorly for years and well, its not like i fucking knew him.

but i'm gutted.

the record that changed my life more than any other is the madcap laughs (the only other rival in my affection is through the trees but that has a family tree and wasn't such a shock to the system) I've listend to that record literally thousands of times, and every time i hear something new and astonishing. and back in the day he was the most beautiful man in the world (just look at those mick rock photos. and i just painted my room as a tribute.

but i still fucking hate the dark side of the moon. and i'm not that keen on syd fans either.

in other news: i'm alive but i've been hibernating. mostly living with boxes, daydreaming about deer, eating tofu and chickpeas and pondering the all important question: cowboys or pirates


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