Thursday, February 16, 2006

in the real world other products are available 

Haberdashery have a fine selection of fancy goods and trimmings. This is our current stock list; prices depend on how many, what and where to but I’m not in it for the money. I’d much rather swap stuff; mix tapes and cdrs, interesting words and broken dolls are especially welcome…comments, contributions and human warmth are all welcome to so maybe just pop in, say hi and tell me what you think about whatever you got this in.

Twang 5
Music, passion and no kind of lifestyle... Putting the first syllable into country. This issue includes interviews with the handsome family, quiet loner and they came from the stars! I saw them alongside random musings, cake recipes and campaign information. Plus each copy has a lovely handmade cover

Whither The Knoxville Girl?
Murder Ballads and Women in Alt. Country
this is a chapter for a book i got asked to write but then the book got scrapped. It’s a semi-academic piece and focuses on work by Gillian Welch, Neko Case and Rennie Sparks

The Space is Bigger Than the Thing That Was There
is a collection of emails home from New York in September 2OOO

The Loiterers Resistance Movement
An evolving envelope of reports, maps and random surprises focused around psychogeographical explorations in Manchester. Produced in conjunction with Alex Boredinthecity

Don’t Ruin Anything Green or Nice (forthcoming)
A collaboration with Manchester Dragon, it’s a miscellany of personal writings and articles about eco-magick, paganism and chaos

and, erm, i guess that's why i've not been posting much

m xx


Thursday, February 02, 2006

zinefest excitement 

this is making me giddy with excitement and photocopying fumes:

Manchester Zinefest is a celebration of DIY art and publishing and suchlike. It's on Saturday February 11th at The Basement, 24 Lever Street Manchester, entry is free and
it’s going to be splendid!

All day there will be workshops, panel discussions, zine library, art exhibits, lots of distros, creative actions and plenty of wonderful zines to buy/trade/read etc, in the evening there's films and readings and open mic performance.

please come along and have fun, be inspired, maybe get involved. If you want
to bring zines to sell or trade or add to the library that'd be ace. If you have stuff but can't come on the day then the bookshop collective can sort it out for
you. The art exhibition is open from today and anyone is welcome to contribute by adding to it – just bring a page from your favourite zine and maybe a few words
about why it’s special

For more information and a programme see our website
at www.manchesterzinefest.org.uk

Shameless self promotion bit: I’ll be running a workshop* on psychogeography and DIY mapmaking with Alex (boredinthecity) I’ll also have some goodies to offer, including (cue fanfare) twang, which is finally putting the first syllable into country two years after the launch party (my, we’re so postmodern) There’s a bunch of other stuff I’ve made too and I’m really quite proud of it – the haberdashery catalogue will be available on this somewhat neglected blog soonish so please take a look if you get the chance.

Glittery love and felt tips

Morag xx

(*I really hate that word when its not about hammers and drills etc but what’s the alternative?)


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