Wednesday, June 29, 2005

make poverty worse 

howdy y'all

yes, i'm still alive, and yes, still no computer BUT twangorama will be reaunched soon dammit. but not this week cos i'm off to scotland for all kinds of shennanigans including a bit of this www.clownarmy.org and a bit of that:

You are cordially invited to...'

Make Poverty Worse', Edinburgh July 2nd:
Pro-capitalists are to march in support of the G8leaders in Edinburgh on July 2nd, on the same day asthe 'Make Poverty History' protests. Behind the banner 'Make Poverty Worse', a groupcalling themselves 'CRAP' (Capitalism RepresentsAcceptable Policy) claim they will be mobilisinghundreds to march in support of debt, war, the armsindustry, free trade and ecological collapse.They will be encouraging G8 countries to ingnore allthe other oppositional protests and celebrate whatthey describe as some 'superb work in recent years inglobal governance', while encouraging the leaders tocontinue with 'more of the same' in the coming period.

If you want to join us then send an email saying so.You will then be added to a mailing list and be sentan email later in the week with ouir meeting point. More info:http://www.beyondtv.org/nato/make_poverty_worse.htm


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