Wednesday, February 09, 2005

something less boring 

'The Yes Men' , booksigning and discussion plus video shorts @ TheBasement

Monday 14th Feb, 2pm onwards @ 'The Basement', 24 lever St., Central Manchester.

The Yes Men', US art-activist trouble-makers, follow their discussion and film premier at the Cornerhouse (Sunday 13th feb) with a book launch and signing to promote their new book 'The Yes Men' and their new film (of thesame name) at Manchester's new radical bookshop 'The Basement'.

They will also be showing some clips of them in action, from their recent re-elect George Bush spoof campaign trail, explaining the ins and outs of faking it at major conferences as WTO representatives and how they fooled the BBC into believing they were from Dow Chemicals and had decided to fully compensate and apologise for the Bhopal disaster.

More info: tel: (0161 237 1832) email: mustsocial@yahoo.co.uk



twangorama will be relaunched in march with added sparkle and mischief... in the meantime if you are really desperate for your dose of twang then why not turn off your computer and put the kettle on; i'll be round in a jiffy...

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thrilling news 

i can't figure out how to delete an entire post but this was where the basement business plan lurked for a while. i'm sure cyberspace is now full of disapponited thrill seekers who wanted to read all about our pact with the licensing demons. but tough. you were too slow


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