Monday, September 27, 2004

please come and be part of our new writers collective

we're trying to create a friendly space to share ideasand inspiration...maybe we'll produce a some zines or perhaps we'll just discuss our favourite words andthings we've written...personal, political, creative,experimental, factual, poetry, songs, we're into allkinds of stuff...whatever kind of writing you'd like to develop, you'd be very welcome...we don't have much of a grand plan, just a passion for writing

the next meeting is on wednesday 6th october, please email twangorama@yahoo.co.uk for the location (and then we can make sure that there's enough tea and cakes to go round)

love and peace
morag x

ps 105 are finally getting an allotment; if anyone isinterested in helping, or you have any tools we couldmaybe borrow or swop for baked goods or art or dollsor somesuch then please let me know. (if anyone feels spammed or bewildered by this mail,sorry, i'm rubbish at this electrickery business)

www.twangorama.blogspot.computting the cnt into cntry


Wednesday, September 15, 2004

just to say yes, i am still alive, but computerless. most of the summer was spent in a hypnogogic state, there's been some very dark days recently but overall its been a healing time. right now i am bursting with possibilities; plans are being laid and inspiration is being stockpiled....

more soon, honestly


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