Monday, December 29, 2003

the first of many technical queries 

does anyone know how I can change the colour scheme of the webpage? and how i can add things to the links list? please?

Incidentally there will be a prize for the most amusing punchline to my last post. I bet I can already guess most of the entries.


seeing other people, specifically oscar 

Twang is a transatlantic collective, or at least that’s my grand plan. I want to print things written by my talented and amazing on so many levels friends. Unfortunately – and I hang my head in shame here – it’s been more of a benign dictatorship sullied by hitherto undreamt of levels of indie incompetence. I forgot what zines are meant to be: immediate, passionate and accessible. I got consumed by self consciousness and my quest for the perfect font (and of course I returned to moms typewriter anyway)

Heartfelt thanks and love and respect to everyone who has given their time and energy, especially my cowriters: Anne, Becky, Caledonia, Claire, Kitty, Rae and Simon and photographers Kellie, Sara and Shawndra. Miscellanous support and inspiration was gratefully received from Doris, Eddy, Heena, Lara, Marie, Matt Hill and Rachel Ravey.

Please don’t hate me. Its all ready to roll now, as soon as I can get my printer to work; Hell, I’ve even done a lino print for the cover. If it’s not ready by the 10th then I really will be a total twat


self indulgent introduction: what is twang? 

I needed a word to describe all my minor obsessions and life crushes – things like subverts and snowglobes, the handsome family and goats, murder ballads and causing mischief; things which I like a little bit too much and get lost in when I should be acting the responsible adult. Twang is that word.

Twang is the sound of broken hearts bouncing back, of knicker elastic snapping and bottles opening, of balloons popping, overdrafts stretching and ideas bursting. Doris thinks it sound vaguely rude, but then she would. Mostly twang is the sound of a geetar because in these grim times glitter and minor chords can feel like weapons.

If Twang was clever enough to have a philosophy it would be based around sparkly subversiveness and DIY culture. And an abiding love of music, with particular reference to miserable Americans with guitars. I hate the need to put music into neat little marketable boxes but I suppose its inevitable I get filed under alt.country/Americana – whatever They are calling it this week. I’ll return to this rant in the future because it matters far too much to me.

It’s underpinned by my pinkocommieleftybollockspolitics because look around you: it matters. Apathy kills. I still believe in revolutions but I’ve learnt that most important epiphany is the one in your head; you’re the only thing you can change and you may as well start now.

Once, when things were really bad, I was told ‘sometimes all you have, and all you need, is beer, black humour and music to see you through’ I cling to that thought



Twang will be launched with a party at a secret and ohsoglamourous location on January 10th 2004*.

Please come along and join in the fun and frolics. It simply won't be the same withou you. The evening will include a very special performance from the wonderful quiet loner as well as food, drink, dancing and general merry making. I promise not to dj myself so the mood stays happy.

*obviously its some kind souls house, but I’m not going to post the address here. If you’re reading this and don’t know where the party is please email me at twangorama@yahoo.co.uk and I’ll give you the details, as long as you ask nicely and don’t stare in a funny way.

glittery love, and much hope i'll see you on the 10th

Morag x


a smattering of muted applause 

Hello. so. finally, i'm getting to grips with the modern world (still a luddite at heart mind, and I make no promises about how often i get near enough to a computer to update this thungummie)

i'm hoping this blog will save me having to burden friends inboxes with joint emails whilst i'm on my travels; y'all can see what i'm up to here and then write to me privately (or shake your head sadly and pretend not to see, depending on taste)

I’m going to try and write something everyday, even if it won't get published immdediately: I think the discipline will do me good. almost certainly erronously, i'm hoping this will replace all the random bits of paper i seem to be constantly struggling with....

Its also someplace to put ideas and essays that don’t fit into twang. Twang is my zine. Depending on when you ask its tagline is either ‘music, passion and no kind of lifestyle’ or ‘putting the cunt into country’. I've no doubt I'll embarrass myself frequently, and not just with my appalling garmmar, but I guess its far too late for me to worry about that.


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